Royal Raid 2019– Registration

Race registration fees per runner:

RR70 Eur80 - Residents Rs2300

RR37 Eur50 - Residents Rs1500

RR15 Eur30 adult and Eur25 less than 18 years old - Residents Rs1200, Rs1000 less than 18 years old.

ROAG our new partner will deal with your registration: it is safe smooth and easy!

They are also at your service on the following email address for any help:


The following documents must be supplied and sent:

Disclaimer Form RR15 Parent’s/Guardian’s authorization for Minors)

Photocopy of ID card or 1st page of Passport

Valid Athletic-Running License or Medical Certificate if no license – a medical certificate specimen is available on the website. Any medical certificate done and dated 10 months before race date is also acceptable. The Doctor must specify that the participant is fit to take part in MOUNTAIN TRAIL RUNNING including at competitive level. 

Royal Raid Medical Certificate.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 124.5 KB

We have decided to put an age limit for the different events of the Royal Raid. We have been asked numerous times to make exceptions and we have refused. It is true under age participants have managed to trick the system and run only because our screening system failed then but we became aware of this and it will not happen again. We have made this decision for the sake of our children NOT against them and this is to allow them to continue to grow well with reduced risks of problems later on in life. It is beside the point to know if our children are CAPABLE of doing such distances because many of them are. The point is really to know if it is good for them. The body of our children and then of our adolescents are still growing until between 18 and 23 years for Boys and 16 to 20 years for Girls. When we talk about growing, it involves among other things; Bones, Muscle, Tendons, Ligaments and the Heart.