Royal Raid 15Km

START will be at Heritage Nature Reserve and Racing Republic Office, Bel Ombre coastal road in the South on the 09th of May 2020 at 08h00 - opening of the post at 06h30 / closing of start check at 06h45

The first 2.1 km of the race will consist of a gradual climb in the sugar cane fields before entering the Bel Ombre Hunting Park (Nature Reserve). After 3 km runners will go uphill on 800 meters (positive difference in height of 150 meters) to reach the first “summit” of the race situated at 3.8 km on the track. Then the track will be flat for 1 km before starting a descent until the river (going across the river on the bridge-still) situated at 5.7 km (Water supply Point). The track will then go up-hill again to reach the summit of the race situated at 7 km (app. altitude 350 meters) before the descent to reach the exit of the Bel Ombre Hunting Park and the Check Point (with drinks and food supplies) situated at 9.4 km. As from this point the track will be common to Royal Raid 80 km and 35 km until the Finish at Place du Moulin-Bel Ombre